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Multimedia Electronic books, or "eBooks" are designed to be read on a computer or electronic device. Ebooks recreate the look of a traditional printed book while at the same time also enabling electronic multimedia enhancements such a music, video, animaton and sound to be included with the text. Each of our Multimedia Ebooks are enhanced with either video, music and sound.

All of our ebooks are enhanced with video, animation and other multimedia.

Steve Griffith is a former RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion defeating the world's longest drivers in intense competition. Steve also finished 2nd three times, once losing by one yard. During world long drive competitions Steve has hit drives over 395 yards. Steve still competes against the longest hitters in the world which includes PGA professionals, and is a 13 time RE/MAX world long drive finalist. Steve recently competed in the first United States Senior Open Long Drive Championships and finished 2nd in the Legends division. His longest drive of the day was 345 yards. How many 64 year olds do you know who can hit a golf ball 345 yards?

This book consists of two very different parts. Part one is the story of Steve's 50 plus year golf career and the reasons why he learned to hit his drives farther than his peers. It also includes his 25-year quest to compare his driving skills with the competitors at the World Long Drive Championship.

The second part contains detailed instructions about how Steve continues to hit a golf ball over 350 yards even into his mid 60s. He begins with some important lessons he learned during his amateur golf career that created the foundation required for him to win a RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship 35 years later. Steve's personal story includes frustrations, disappointments, bad information from a "friend", receiving support from an unlikely source, overcoming personal mental demons, and finally hitting the drive that won the 2005 Super Senior RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship.

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Steve Griffith - RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

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